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Crowdvocate Raises $15M in Funding and Announces Rebrand

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Crowdvocate Raises $15M in Funding and Announces Rebrand to Support its Strategic Vision of Creating the Customer-led Growth (CLG) Category in B2B

Now known as Base, the company is building the industry’s first CLG ecosystem for customer-led marketers, sales, and product professionals to grow in

San Francisco – June 16, 2022 – Crowdvocate, pioneer of B2B customer marketing, announced today that it has raised $15M from Wing VC and Vertex Ventures Israel, and will now be called Base. The company’s rebranding to Base, is a reflection of its Customer-led Growth vision, whereby a focus on engaging with customers for revenue influence, effectively and at scale, is the new foundation upon which B2B companies will build their futures. 

Founded in 2018 by co-founders Gal Biran (CEO) and Gal Briner (CTO), Base is inspired by the data-driven understanding that existing customers are the number one revenue stream for SaaS companies, and by the untapped potential of automation in scaling marketing programs targeting these customers.

“In just 3 years, Base has landed some of the industry’s biggest brands, including HubSpot, Gainsight, Twilio, Gong, NICE, and SimilarWeb, and helped them transform their marketing organizations into full-blown growth engines with unprecedented impact on customer Lifetime Value, Net Dollar Retention and acquisition.” says Jake Flomenberg, Partner at Wing VC. 

Gal Biran, CEO comments from the first industry conference dedicated to CLG – Obsession Summit, powered by Base –: “When rooted deeply within a company’s culture and systems, Customer-led Growth holds the power to change the way B2B leaders define and achieve growth. We 5X’d our ARR in just 12 months, and this round will support our plans to triple our customer base over the next 18 months. A feat we know that only a Customer-led Growth approach can help us accomplish.”

About Base

Base is leading the evolution of B2B marketing by building a Customer-led Growth (CLG) ecosystem for customer marketing professionals to grow in, including an end-to-end Customer Marketing platform, the first CLG academy, and a global professional Community. With integrations, automations, insights, and education, Base helps you refocus your efforts on your company’s most valuable assets – its relationships with its customers. Armed with the tools and knowledge to achieve a well-engaged customer base, at scale, some of the world’s best marketing teams are already using Base to go from impacting Demand to impacting Growth, including HubSpot, Gainsight, Twilio, Gong, NICE, NetApp, Calendly, Similarweb, Trustpilot, Gainsight, Radware, Zscaler and more.

The official press release is available here.