First Look Under the Hood: September 2023 Product Deep-dive

September 2023 Product Demo

Get an exclusive look at the leading customer marketing platform, Base, in action. Gain insights and learn about new features and enhanced functionalities designed to help you get the most out of our platform. Learn from Base customers how they found success by leveraging the platform and gain access to our customer marketing practitioner tool kit to help you receive buy-in from senior leadership.

Webinar details:

  • Base product overview featuring the latest features and capabilities to help you support and scale your customer marketing programs
  • View the latest Customer Marketing AI capabilities to help you streamline your customer marketing efforts
  • The new practitioner tool kits to help you engage with C-level executives and receive budget and buy-in to scale your customer marketing programs and visibility
  • Live customer product demo

Engage customers anywhere leveraging insights & context

Register today to see how Base is helping teams optimize customer engagement, operations and aligning strategies for scalable customer-led growth.

About Base
Base is a comprehensive customer marketing platform providing a single source of truth and access for all internal GTM teams to be empowered with customer data and drive growth. An all-in-one customer-led growth system designed for internal teams to locate & activate customers – sales, marketing, product, helping companies foster human connection with clients.

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