How to Leverage AI to Scale Your Customer Marketing Efforts

How to leverage AI

Interested in learning how to leverage the latest AI tools to help you solve complex strategies to bridge customer advocacy and community growth? AI has made a significant impact in the industry, and we understand the frustration of navigating through the intricacies of cultivating a vibrant customer community that truly fuels advocacy. We are excited to share best practices on how to leverage AI to build a thriving customer marketing strategy, a highly engaged community and find continued success within your career and organization. 

Join us as we team up with seasoned experts, including Hubspot Principal Marketing Manager Christina Garnett, an award-winning community builder and advocacy strategist with a track record of driving adoption, loyalty, advocacy, and growth. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Articulate your value: customer marketing strategist and beyond.
    • Leveraging AI and updating your job description to provide value to company leadership. 
  • Identify your new KPIs and metrics: drive growth for your organization.
    • Defining engagement, revenue, and brand awareness strategies.
    • Understand what is capable of AI vs. what is not feasible.
  • Reposition yourself in a post-AI world: implementing AI tools.  
    • Learn to cultivate a thriving customer community that fuels advocacy in the times of AI.
    • Uncover practical steps to leverage AI for community-driven growth.
  • Strategic Scaling: implementing AI for effective program expansion.
    • Discover actionable frameworks to integrate AI into your programs.
    • Strategically align AI-driven initiatives with clear OKRs and seamless planning.
  • Hyper-Personalization: elevating customer experience via AI in communities.
    • Explore hands-on strategies to personalize customer interactions using AI.
    • Elevate your community’s impact through tailored experiences that resonate.
  • Efficiency Empowerment: maximizing humanity by letting AI handle the rest.
    • Get insights into how AI can streamline tasks, freeing you to focus on human touchpoints.
    • Identify opportunities to infuse genuine connections amidst efficient AI-driven operations.