Practitioner Webinar with Heather Pritchett and the OutSystems Team

Two speakers (33)

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As you scale, one of the things Customer Marketing practitioners are learning to optimize is how they work together as a team.

Gal Biran, Base Cofounder & CEO hosted OutSystem’s Director of Customer Voice Heather Pritchett and her team: Toni Croce, Mariam Payne, Maria Joao Azeredo, and Marco Godinho to share their best practices and in working together as a team.

They discussed and answered audience questions about:

  • How they determine priorities and goals
  • How they communicate to ensure alignment and stay in sync when talking to internal stakeholders and customers
  • How they measure success

This webinar comes by popular demand we’ve seen while accompanying companies and practitioners that are ready to scale their programs, and are in need of input to help them address the operational aspects of growth.

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