Creating a B2B Customer Reference Program That Boosts Deal Efficiency, and Delivers Measurable Revenue Impact

Two speakers (48)

Referencing For Impact: Creating a B2B Customer Reference Program That  Boosts Deal Efficiency, and Has Measurable Revenue Impact

As a Customer Marketer or Reference Program Manager, you know that customer references are a powerful tool to help your sales team close more deals and increase customer lifetime value. But building an effective customer reference program is often challenging, especially when it comes to identifying the right customers, managing the reference flow end-to-end, and measuring the impact of your program on your company’s bottom line. 

In this webinar, we discuss best practices for creating a B2B customer reference program that works to boost deal efficiency, reduce customer acquisition cost (CAC), and drive revenue growth. Our speakers, all experienced in rolling out reference programs for various shapes and sizes of organizations, share real-world examples and practical tips to help you:

  • Grow the pool, streamline nominations and sign-ups, and identify and segment  customers for your program. 
  • Leverage customer references to increase deal velocity, reduce sales cycles, and win more business
  • Build a process for capturing and sharing customer success stories within the sales process, and track the impact
  • Measure the impact of your customer reference program on your overall sales and marketing efforts
  • Protect customers from overuse, reward and award customer participation 

Who should watch:

This webinar is intended for B2B customer marketers, reference managers, and sales enablement managers who want to improve their customer reference program and leverage it to drive business results. 

It is particularly relevant for:

  • Customer reference managers responsible for building and managing a customer reference program
  • Customer marketing professionals interested in using customer references to drive lead generation and sales
  • Sales & Marketing operations leaders seeking to optimize their customer reference program and measure its impact