Q3 Product Update: Exclusive Customer Webinar

Q3 Product Spotlight

Discover the latest customer marketing product enhancements designed to drive customer engagement and growth.

See how you can use the latest product enhancement to scale your customer engagement efforts seamlessly and drive growth. 

This webinar will cover:

  • Get a deep-dive on how Base Inc. customer-led-growth product has advanced to meet your needs– and discover just how easy our platform is to use.
  • See how to produce engaging content by leveraging our latest AI capabilities. 
  • Learn how to scale your referral program. 
  • Find out how to turn customer testimonials and videos into valuable GTM resources.   
  • Get a glimpse of the latest CLG dashboard, account view, and email analytics.
  • Ask our product experts anything you like, live.

P.S. If you register but cannot attend live, you’ll receive an on-demand recording.