Reference Management Best Practices, Challenges & Pro Tips

Reference Management


In the B2B world, WoM marketing has continuously proven to be the most effective way to win the trust of your audience, increase engagement, and turn customers into advocates. 

This is why a powerful customer reference program is huge for the success of any company. Make sure you tune in to our next webinar to hear more about Reference Management Best Practices, Challenges & Pro Tips.

Whether you’re just launching your reference program, are in the process of scaling the team and activities, or have a matured program – this session is value packed!

Learn how leading reference managers at Google Cloud, Okta and Cornerstone launched and grew their programs, best practices, KPI’s and ROI, getting C-level support, alignment with sales and much more.  

Watch now to learn:

  • Building a Reference Program from the ground up
  • Managing conflicts with sales and CS, and preventing reference fatigue
  • Best practices in reference management
  • Measuring success and revenue influence
  • Reference and advocacy programs – separate and aligned
  • Scaling and optimizing reference management

Trust us, you don’t want to miss this session!
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Morgan (Asher) (400 × 400 px)

Morgan Asher

Morgan manages Okta’s customer advocacy program to provide a customer-first lens to how we tell the Okta story. She enjoys connecting with customers, learning how they are transforming their organizations with technology, and sharing that story across the sales and marketing funnel. These activities include sales references, speaking engagements, case studies, videos, and conversations with press and analysts.

Gal Biran_Compressed

Gal Biran

Gal is the CEO & Co-founder of Base (formerly Crowdvocate) and a Customer Marketing evangelist. Leveraging his experience in B2B sales and marketing in global tech companies, such as Microsoft and running a marketing agency, Gal realized B2B marketing is broken! He envisioned a new way technology can impact B2B sustainable growth, and it starts with your customer-base 🙂


Nitzan Sofrin

Nitzan is the Reference Program Manager at Cornerstone OnDemand where she manages the reference program for the EMEA region, developing and maintaining the Client Advocacy Program in corporation with the Marketing Department.


Meaghan Sullivan

Meaghan started her career off in Sales operations and Inside sales at NetApp and Cloudera. Her years in sales taught her the importance of building relationships with her customers that go beyond closing the sale. She transitioned into Customer Marketing and Advocacy where the emphasis is on the customer as a way of validating solutions, products, and services. Meaghan currently serves as a Customer Reference Manager for North America, as part of the Customer Programs team at Google Cloud.