Generate a Stream of Reviews

Nothing can give your brand more credibility or awareness than the B2B customer review. Use Base to identify value-driving journey moments and automate ASKs, so you have a review pipeline that is always freshly relevant.


Build trust and credibility to make experience a key differentiator

  • Achieve personalization at scale to unlock a world of review asking triggers that come at the right time and place
  • Deliver feedback to stakeholders that can build on it to increase value
  • Create a constant pipeline of diverse reviews that drive growth for all
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Know when and how to ASK to mobilize a review pipeline

  • Go beyond NPS to evaluate customer experience and maturity
  • Get notified when a review is delivered and track its impact
  • Let teams independently nominate review candidates from within the CRM or platform
  • Give teams access to a flow of relevant reviews that match their prospect’s profiles and business needs

Go from feedback to value, to loyalty & advocacy

  • Demonstrate your commitment to your customers’ success to build trust
  • Deliver issue-centered reviews to your internal teams to help improve performance
  • Use in-platform review mechanisms and automated triggers to flag opportunities & act upon them
  • Build credibility by letting customers know that their input has made an impact

Track, measure & report on the impact of your outreach on the business

  • Be geared to report on the progress of your review program to support its growth
  • Use our integrated platform to track the impact of your efforts on business goals
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Launch a review program that flows with value

Ensure a constant flow of credible reviews to differentiate on experience

Ensure your organization stands out as one that customers trust & benefit from over the long run.

Automate workflows & leverage best practices & templates

Our customers are getting remarkable results with our platform’s inbuilt workflows and templates, based on experience.

Seize every opportunity to support all-around growth

Reviews aren’t just about the good stuff! Let your customers know you are listening and let your teams know you are sharing.
“From a customer marketing perspective, Crowdvocate is the first of its kind in helping customer marketing & advocacy practitioners bundle reference management, advocacy management, and marketing as well as customer marketing.”

Luis Gonzalez, Manager, Global Customer Advocacy at Alteryx

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