Optimize Upsell
& Cross-sell


Roll out programs that impact adoption, expansion & retention

Focus on delivering increasing value to your existing users and turn them into loyal advocates

  • Engage to help your customers and users succeed
  • Build credibility and foster loyalty
  • Benefit from a mutually invented relationship and reciprocal growth

Engage when and where it matters most to your users

  • Track your customers’ user journeys across touchpoints and platforms
  • Engage with channels your customers and users prefer
  • Unlock endless opportunities to deliver the content and the value they need

Act on customer lifecycle insights that help drive expansion

  • Feed your centralized experience data back into your organization to increase performance
  • Create new and effective triggers for campaigns, and target relevant audiences with credible promotions
  • Gather cross-platform data to track and evaluate key customer lifecycle activities
  • Trigger automated upsell or cross-sell campaigns based on bigger and better data
  • Continually track and tweak maturity scoring to identify growth opportunities
  • Close the loop by delivering ready to expand customers to AEs via the same CRM-integrated platform

Adopt a programmatic approach to enrich the customer journey

From onboarding, through value realization, to advanced usage & advocacy, your customers are on a new journey with you & they want to stay

  • Get to know your customers and users
  • Utilize a programmatic approach to increase lifetime value and make a bigger impact
  • Create and deliver timely content that you know your users want
  • Glean performance-driving insights that help your company increase its value to a growing customer base
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Influencers & Strategists

Celebrate the industry’s TOP25 Influencers & TOP100 Strategists in Customer Marketing & Advocacy (CMA)

“From a customer marketing perspective, Base is the first of its kind in helping customer marketing & advocacy practitioners bundle reference management, advocacy management, and marketing as well as customer marketing.”

Luis Gonzalez, Manager, Global Customer Advocacy at Alteryx

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