The Control Center

The Base Control Center is an intelligent dashboard for you to visualize customer journeys, and orchestrate customer marketing campaigns that engage, activate, and reward your customer base.



Define Any
Customer Marketing Goal

Whether you want to drive adoption, scale advocacy, streamline reference management, increase loyalty, support expansions, or gather product feedback – the Base platform powers everything Customer Marketing.

Drive Adoption
Scale Advocacy
Streamline Reference Management
Increase Loyalty
Support Expansions
Gather Product Feedback

Orchestrate Cross-channel Campaigns

Access a centralized view of the channels and touch-points your customers favor and be empowered to meet them there.

  • Start by defining the type of activation you’d like to work on and its timeframe
  • Specify campaign triggers and workflows
  • Select where it will be presented to various customers: by email, SMS, Slack, in your product, on a specific URL, etc.
  • Add a picture or video, add some copy, and the CTA of your liking
  • Setup your rewards methodology
  • Publish your campaigns, track and tweak them continuously

Boost Your Brand with Presence

Base is about you and your customers growing together.

Our white-label platform lets you apply your brand personality to your advocacy portal and customer marketing campaigns, using your own colors, logo, messages, and assets (images, videos, badges, and more).

Always Reward Your Champions

Gifting who, what and when it really matters goes a long way.

Our integrations make it easy for you to delight your advocates with a frictionless gifting experience, without heavy lifting on your side and without leaving the platform.

  • Lose the logistics by seamlessly embedding gifting into your CMA programs
  • Boost your overall CMA program agility
  • Stay in control and optimize your CMA budget as the relationship progresses
  • Go beyond corporate rewarding by letting them choose the gifts they want!
  • Measure the impact of your gifting on your CMA programs in real-time and overtime
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Target Your Customers Effectively, At Scale

With Base, you can leverage account and individual data to make your outreach contextual, and increase engagement with hyper-personalized campaigns.

  • Choose the contacts, opportunities and/or accounts you’re targeting
  • Include or exclude any contact, opportunity or company from your campaigns by using Custom or pre-defined lists of customers you want to engage with
  • Add automated rules, or chose to target specific industries or locations
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Simplify Cross-company Teamwork

Good Customer Marketing can - and should - influence performance for everyone in the company, giving you more happy customers every day.

  • Empower your Account Execs (AEs) and Customer Success Managers (CSMs) to nominate customers for reference programs, speaking opportunities, customer stories, and more.
  • Encourage peers to self-serve when they need to find a reference or piece of content provided by a specific contact or profile.
  • Let your AEs request references for a specific opportunity and automatically log it as completed once the reference call is completed.
  • Automatically route reference requests either to a customer reference manager or directly to the contact they want the reference from.
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Show Your Impact with Analytics & Reporting

  • Track your advocacy program results over time, both quantitatively and qualitatively
  • Measure your Asks’ ROI : how much they cost and how much pipeline they influence
  • Link referrals to the revenue they helped generate
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