Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Marketing and the Customer Relationship go hand-in-hand.

Our platform is integrated with leading CRM solutions so that Sales are empowered with independent access to Referrals and References and their impact is tracked from A-Z. Customer Success and Support can easily nominate customers for a case study, quotes, and reviews.

Integrating the systems across your organiztion that gather customer relationship data makes it finally possible to measure effectiveness and report ROI on your Customer Marketing campaigns and programs.

Understand each customer’s individual journey
Understand each customer’s individual journey
Understand each customer’s individual journey

Be empowered to impact retention &expansion

Focus on delivering increasing value to your existing users and turn them into loyal advocates:

Boost your marketing efforts and build workflows with broader impact by feeding every piece of customer experience data, collected from every marketing channel throughout the journey, into our machine learning algorithms (ML) that translates data into actions and activations.

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