The TOP100 Influencers & Strategists in Customer Marketing & Advocacy Voting

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The Voting Process is Live Now Until January 25th

So many great Customer Marketers, so little time, right?

We have a pretty long list of candidates here, so we’re giving you some guidelines to help you vote efficiently:

  • Your email and name are needed to make sure that the votes are legitimate, not to market to you unless you want us to.
  • You do not have to vote for everyone, you can use the ctrl+f function to search for a specific name, title, or company.
  • You can go ahead and vote for as many or as few Customer Marketers as you see fit.

We’re super excited to see which of these 491 super-engagers makes it to the judging panel!

Thanks for being a part of this great project! To learn more, visit the TOP100 2023 webpage.